Keysville Drive-In Theatre
Movies Under the Stars
Movie Line 434-736-0360

Policies & Guidelines

These policies and guidelines have been set forth by movie studios and theatre owners to ensure that all patrons are able to enjoy their evening at the theatre.

Theatre Rules

  • Speed limit is 6mph always. Use parking lights during movie
  •  No littering (we don't throw trash on your lawn, don't throw it on ours). Several trash cans are located around the theatre, including at the exit as you leave.
  • No re-entry. If you leave and wish to re-enter the same night, you must purchase a new ticket. 
  • Ticket stubs must be kept as proof of purchase. You may be asked to present your ticket stub after inside. Keep it the entire night.
  • Cars only for the first 3 rows. Larger vehicles row 4 and back extremely tall vehicles (that nice truck on 38's last 2 rows please).
  • Please park within 1 foot of the speaker post so that two vehicles may park between each set of posts. We reserve the right to ask you to re-park your vehicle if you park incorrectly.
  • All exterior and interior vehicle lights must remain off during the movie. If you start your vehicle during the movie for air conditioning or heat, please make sure your lights are off so you don't disturb others.
  • No smoking in concession stand or within 10 feet of the concession building. Please be courteous to others! Place unlit butts in trash cans, DO NOT leave on the ground. **Continual littering of cigarette butts on the ground will lead to smoking being prohibited at the theatre.**
  • Shoes/shorts and shirt must be worn at all times. 
  • Hatches must be tied to level with roofline of the vehicle. String will be provided upon request.
  • You CANNOT sit on roof or hood of cars for safety reasons. You can sit in front, behind or in the back of your van/truck as long as the rear hatch or your head does not go higher than the roof of your vehicle.
  • No profanity or crude behavior. Potty mouths and trouble makers will be asked to leave WITHOUT a refund.
  • Children and adults that act like children must be supervised by an adult in your party at all times.
  • We are pet friendly for "friendly pets". Pet owners, please read rules below.
  • No grills or any other cooking device on premises.
  • Video/Audio taping of a movies is illegal and violaters will be prosecuted. 

Pet Rules

  • Pets must be kept on a leash at all times.
  • Potty breaks may be taken on the far edges of the property. Please pick up after your pet. Unused parking spots are not an acceptable potty area.
  • Pets may not enter the concession stand, unless they are service animals.
  • Please keep pets quiet and under control as not to disturb other patrons.
  • Pet's behavior is the sole responsibility of the pet's owner. The theatre assumes no liability for the actions of a patron's pet.
  • With the owner's permission, all dogs will receive a treat at the ticket booth upon entering the theatre.