Keysville Drive-In Theatre
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Employment Opportunites

Working at a drive-in theatre is truly a unique & exciting job, whether you are looking for seasonal employment or additional income. The drive-in can be a very busy place on summer weekends, so we are always looking for motivated employees who are hard-working & energetic. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with an Excellent Entertainment Experience, so we insist on having a staff that enjoys interacting with people in a friendly, positive, and helpful manner. Because of the nature of the drive-in business, you must be available to work evenings & weekends.

**All applicants must be at least 16 years of age. 

How to apply: Please fill out the employment application below and return to management either by email at or at the theatre in person. You will be contacted if chosen for an interview.

Employment Application

The following outline provides a brief description of the job positions available at the theatre, additional tasks may be assigned at supervisor's or owner's discretion.

Concession Stand Attendant:

  • Serving food and beverages.
  • Preparing food (popcorn, pretzels, nachos, etc.)
  • Abiding by all food safety guidelines
  • Interacting with customers in a courteous manner
  • Keeping food service counters and equipment clean at all times.
  • Restocking food items and paper products
  • Dishwashing
  • Emptying trash cans as needed
  • Cleaning and restocking restrooms
  • Operating cash register

Grill Cook

  • Grilling hamburgers, hot dogs, etc.
  • Operating fryers
  • Completing food orders in a timely and accurately manner
  • Keeping food prep area clean and free of debris
  • Abiding by all food safety guidelines
  • Perform tasks of Concession Stand Attendant position if needed

Concession Stand Supervisor

  • Must possess strong leadership and managerial skills
  • Assures smooth operating conditions in concession stand while prepping, serving and stocking food
  • Assures staff maintains a neat and tidy work area
  • Must possess excellent customer service skills
  • Operating cash register as needed
  • Assign and assure completion of additional tasks as determined by owners.
  • Perform tasks of Concession Stand Attendant position if needed

Ticket Booth Attendant

  • Must possess excellent customer service skills. (You are the first impression of the theatre to the customers)
  • Operate cash register
  • Hand out admission tickets & theatre brochure
  • Communicate parking instructions to customers